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Tarot is my passion. Over 30 years experience brings a depth of knowledge, understanding an empathy which makes for a wonderful reading experience.

I liken Tarot Readings to a GPS; you log in your dreams, hopes, aspirations, issues and thoughts; the cards are laid, and your pathways open up.

What you do with them is up to you; you control your own destiny.

Choose from Email;  Facebook, Personal or Skype readings

Any reading can be given as a gift voucher – on completion of payment, email me to let me know you require a voucher.

Email: mytarotworld@gmail.com *

I also write the Horoscope Column in New Zealand Womans Weekly

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PLEASE NOTE: MONDAY 23rd November 2015

Good morning
A word of apology, if you are waiting for a reading – it will be in the next day or so. I am also starting the New Year Readings tomorrow – so if anyone wants one please remember to book it.
The reason I am a bit behind is that I suddenly got extremely busy and totally got distracted timing wise. I have learned a lesson. I need to get into some proper time zones.
So FACEBOOK questions: If the question is in by 9.30am it will be done that day. After 12 noon, it will be done the next morning (however, you may get it earlier depending on work flow).
EMAIL READINGS: For a smaller reading allow 2 days, for the Classic reading allow three days, and for the big New Year Specials a couple of weeks (although I am doing them from now on so it will be sooner than two weeks lead time). You will have them before Christmas at the very latest, should the world implode or I run out of Chocolate Fingers.
PERSONAL READINGS: I am in Pakuranga this week, and from Thursday in Grafton until 2nd December. This week no personal readings – I have so much work to do, and there is some exciting news to come, and I have to do some homework for that – I will give you a hint…. PRODUCT! Yes in the new year Brown Bag Magick Spells are coming back – House Cleansing, Love, Prosperity, Dreaming; there will be five. And in time for February. Nearer the time I will give you the opportunity to pre-order.
DAY OFF: I will have Friday and Sunday off; although the last Friday of each month I will be at Angie Maharaj salon Shaniks doing personal readings – call Angie to book in there.



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